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Notes from Natalee

Do Your Emotions Scare You? Here's Why They Don't Have To

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The Scale of Emotions by spiritual teachers, Abraham Hicks, is one of my favorite frameworks for understanding and embracing the emotions I experience. In Ep 5 of The Preparing for Pregnancy After Loss podcast, I share why the emotions we experience after a loss or infertility diagnosis are valid and normal. These might include Jealousy, Sadness, Shame, Anger, Fear, and Blame. We tend to stifle these when they show up because they seem so ugly and icky. But without processing them, they stay in the body and become toxic.

It's by embracing and moving through them that we get to release them. Check out the full episode to learn how to apply the Scale of Emotions in your healing after loss or infertility.


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