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Client Wins & Testimonials 

Emotional Release / Emotional Healing Support

"Working with Natalee has been a truly transformative experience.


I have done talk therapy for the majority of the last 13 years and i still wasnt getting what i truly need from it. Meanwhile, one session with Natalee felt like 8 months worth of talk therapy.


During the sessions Natalee is both anchor and guide as you travel into your body. She teaches you how to access the wisdom of your body and communicate compassionately and non-judgmentally with yourself.


Natalee has a knowing, caring and affirming energy that offers the safety and permission that I've needed to be present with the trauma in my body.


I leave the sessions feeling more whole, wise and capable of transmutting my trauma into healing and growth than ever before.


I am so grateful to Natalee and relieved to have finally found the kind of support that i've needed most."

Anonymous, Emotional Release Client

Image by Vero Manrique

"To say thank you doesn't seem like enough... so I'll just ask for you to be blessed BOUNTIFULLY for the ways you have blessed me. 

The way you held space for me and mothered me... wow. You are a gift. A treasure. Your mothering energy is so strong and so exactly what I needed. 

I got home and slept peacefully for the first time in weeks. I slept 5 hours. Also yesterday, my teaching license was rightfully reinstated (out of nowhere). I also got a message from a potential employer explaining that they made a mistake and the amount I could make is twice what they explained it would be. AND I got my very first TWO students to tutor online every week for the next 6 months!!

Talk about stuck energy being released!!!! The flow back to me was amazing.


I haven't felt that loved, that seen or that cared for in a very long time. It's just what my thirsty heart needed.

Much much love to you, sister!"

Cara, North Carolina


"I took the longest, greatest inhale ever." 

Sraboni H.

"At the end of the session, I felt much lighter, and there was ease in the flow of my bloodstream. The awareness I now have is that it is all going to be okay." 

Reverend R.G.

"At the beginning of the session I felt heavy and disjointed. I now feel complete—all parts in unison. I am bringing with me this awareness of my complete sense of wholeness."



"The awareness I am bringing home with me is a greater sense of mind-body-spirit connection, feeling more present in my body, and more attuned to what it is trying to tell me." 


"During the session, I became aware that I hold my breath often and that that makes it really hard for energy to flow through me.

I now have the awareness that "BODY" is in the middle of "Mind, Body, & Spirit." I cannot adore two and neglect the other." 


"At the end of the session, I was feeling lighter + springier, as if stagnant energy had been moved out of my body." 


"It is so good to check in with the body and be in this kind of conversation." 

Molly M.

"The awareness I am bringing home with me is that I need to work on letting my body trust me as I work on trusting my body." 


"I became aware that my body felt really heavy at the beginning of the session. My breath felt heavy and my chest was tight. After the session, I felt like I had more room to breathe. I was lighter and my mood was uplifted. " 


"My breathing slowed and breath continued to flow to my stomach. I am now aware that my body was holding on to a lot of stress."


"Natalee is a beautiful, warm presence. It is healing to be in her presence. Her voice is soothing." 


"I am bringing with me, an awareness and appreciation of my body. I will also pay more attention to how my emotions make certain parts of my body feel and give it the opportunity to release." 


"During the session, my lungs felt as though they had expanded, and I was able to draw more breath into them." 


"The awareness I am taking with me is that there is work to be done, but that it doesn't need to be rushed. I can just be with it, at times." 

Birth Doula Support, Pregnancy After Loss/Infertility Support

Arlette, In-Person Birth Doula Support

"I felt anxious about my pregnancy before working with Natalee, and calm and comfortable because of working with her.


One of my favorite moments working with her were the massages and aromatherapy she provided. She also has a calm and soothing voice.

Katie, Virtual Birth Doula Support

"Through working with Natalee, I went from being extremely anxious about my pregnancy to feeling calm and collected, tapped into my emotions, and present. I would recommend anyone to Natalee who is experiencing anxiety and stress during pregnancy and wants to accept the beauty of the experience of child birth and pregnancy.


I love [her] calming presence and warmth." 

Nicole, Virtual Birth Doula Support

"Natalee outlined the entire labor process in an easy to follow format that made me feel ready physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Being pregnant and having our first child during a pandemic created so much uncertainty and stress for us. Working with Natalee helped us find joy and confidence in this experience. We're so grateful to have worked with her." 

Katie, Emotional Healing & Coaching during Pregnancy

If you're curious about Katie's journey, listen to our full podcast recording here.

Rada's Story: Support during IVF & Pregnancy After Loss 

Elyse, Australia, Coaching Client

Natalee has a genuine care and love for her clients. I could really feel that.

I felt so comfortable sharing anything with her knowing I wouldn’t be judged. Natalee helped me move beyond barriers that had been blocking me for a long time. Such a wise, beautiful soul — I can’t describe the support she provides. A phenomenal coach I would recommend to everyone!

I feel so good now. Ready to move confidently in the direction of my dreams. Thank you! You are amazing Natalee!

Mrs. Joyce Conoly-Simmons, MSSW, MS Ed, Education Consultant, NY

​The self-awareness & self-love workshop is an invaluable learning experience that I believe would be particularly beneficial to younger women. I was deeply moved by the skills, talent, and professionalismof Ms. Facey, the workshop leader.  Her commanding voice left me with a very calm feeling that I want younger women to experience as they become more self-aware.

Group Workshop Attendee

​The workshop was very educational and eye-opening. It helped me to see myself in a different light — being able to accept myself for who I am despite whatever situation I may be going through. I have always desired to fall and roll over in love with myself and just love me for me.

Group Workshop Attendee

This was a loving, relaxing but eye-opening experience for me. I’m so glad I went. I was carrying around a lot of emotional baggage prior to attending, but things become so clear after some of these exercises.

I enjoyed the affirmations and meditative music. This brought me peace. The instructors were super and made me feel so comfortable and included. Overall, a very wonderful experience. I wish we had more than 3 hours!

Carole Cassell, Minnesota, Group Workshop Attendee

​Natalee is an incredible workshop leader! She is kind, compassionate, loving and authentic. Her enthusiasm for her work coupled with a deep desire to facilitate healing was evident from the beginning of the workshop to the end. She creates a safe space for looking deep inside yourself where true healing takes place.


The healing community has a true gift in Natalee!!

Daniele Moore, Trinidad, W.I., Group Workshop Attendee

Natalee’s wisdom goes beyond her age! I am leaving her workshop feeling a new sense of purpose and divinity that she has encouraged me to discover.

Louise Hay’s philosophies were presented in such a way that I can easily apply them to my life. She has motivated me to dig deeper within and expand my self-awareness.


I would recommend her workshops to everyone.

Lisa S., Group Workshop Attendee

​Natalee’s  zest for life was so inspiring to me during her workshop presentation! It was clear that she lives the Heal Your Life philosophy…

I  was, truly, truly inspired by the knowledge that she shared with our group!

Group Workshop Attendee

Thank You for giving me the opportunity to identify with myself and putting aside time, energy and effort for me.

Sophia, Group Workshop Attendee

Having the session hosted by Natalee was nothing short of groundbreaking for me. The whole process was both relaxing and exhilarating as we followed each step.

More peace, clarity and pure joy flooded each of us as we released the old and welcomed the new. Tears of joy were shed and at the end, I felt truly reborn…

I want to do this again because I want to live in that state…I will master the art of being at peace and living with expectancy. Writing and Flowdreaming as well as Affirmations are such wonderful practices. I’m so grateful for this experience.

Joanna A., Speaking Event Attendee

After attending her workshop, I questioned myself like I never had before. Who do I want to be? What do I want to stand for? How do I properly communicate these things with those around me?


Not only did Ms. Facey bring me to this place of self-awareness, she provided me with the confidence to push forward and be genuine with my passions in all facets of my life. I will forever be grateful and hope other young women like myself can have this experience as well. Thank you, Ms. Facey.

Coaching & Workshops

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