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For some, childbirth is a simple process: egg meets sperm and months later, a baby enters the world. For others, the process is a bit more complex.


I've experienced the complexity of childbirth. I'm a mom to two angel babies. I've had a traumatic delivery and a beautifully transcending one.


I know what it's like to hold debilitating fear in my body during pregnancy, but also what fearlessness, empowerment, and listening to my body's wisdom feel like.   

My work is to help to ensure that as you prepare to welcome your baby into the world, you have access to all the support, resources, and practices to make the experience a beautiful 



Through coaching, birth doula support, and body-based healing therapies, I provide the tools for an empowered and empowering birth.  

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Birth Doula Support: The Overview
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As a Birth Doula, I become a part of your birthing team, supporting you and your partner (or birthing partner) in having a safe and satisfying birthing experience.


I provide:

  • emotional support through the life-altering journey of preparing to welcome a baby

  • physical support in the form of comfort measures or techniques that optimize your birthing experience

  • informational support by connecting you to resources and evidence-based information so you’re empowered to make the best choices for you and your family


I can begin partnering with you at any point during your pregnancy through after childbirth.


I offer support in-person, virtual, or as a hybrid.

Several studies have been done showing that families supported by a Birth Doula are more satisfied with their birthing experience, require less pain medications during labor, and are 28% less likely to have an unplanned C-section. 

Birth Doula Support: The Details
The Coaching for Birth Warriors Program 


  • 2 Prenatal Visits (before giving birth) that will help us to get clear on your vision for your birth, discuss different options based on your birthing preferences, and introduce practices that will prepare you for your ideal birthing experience.                             

  • Ongoing communication addressing questions that arise for you and connecting you with resources and information as needed

  • On-call availability beginning at 37 weeks of pregnancy through childbirth

  • Continuous labor support beginning at the time I join you during your labor                                                 

  • 1 postpartum visit to ensure that you and your baby are doing well after childbirth and connect you to resources as needed

  • Back-up doula support 

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Birth Doula Support: The Extra Magic!


Because of my background as a Coach and Emotional Healing Guide, I pay close attention to the emotions that show up during your pregnancy.

This is important because unresolved emotions tend to intensify or come to a climax in the midst of childbirth, making the process more difficult, instead of one in which you can fully trust your body and surrender. 


I offer dedicated sessions (with you or you and your partner/birthing partner) to identify and release fears and other heavy emotions.

Fears might relate to:

  • navigating childbirth

  • experiencing a loss

  • becoming a parent

  • changes in your body, lifestyle, or career 

The processing and releasing are done in gentle and even fun ways, incorporating live and recorded visualization and meditations, partner work, and embodiment practices. 

Our work together will support you and your partner/birthing partner in being confident in your innate wisdom and the birthing process.

Testimonials: Birth Doula

"​I felt anxious about my pregnancy before working with Natalee, and calm and comfortable because of working with her.


One of my favorite moments working with her were the massages and aromatherapy she provided. She also has a calm and soothing voice."

Arlette, In-Person Birth Doula Support

"Through working with Natalee, I went from being extremely anxious about my pregnancy to feeling calm and collected, tapped into my emotions, and present.


I would recommend anyone to Natalee who is experiencing anxiety and stress during pregnancy and wants to accept the beauty of the experience of child birth and pregnancy.


I love [her] calming presence and warmth."

Katie, Virtual Birth Birth Doula Support

"Natalee outlined the entire labor process in an easy to follow format that made me feel ready physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Being pregnant and having our first child during a pandemic created so much uncertainty and stress for us. Working with Natalee helped us find joy and confidence in this experience. We're so grateful to have worked with her."

Nicole, Virtual Birth Doula Support

Testimonials: Coaching & Emotional Healing Support During Pregnancy
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