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I support individuals on their birth journey—from desire to delivery. 

For some, childbirth is a simple process: egg meets sperm and months later, a baby enters the world. For others, the process is a bit more complex.


I've experienced the complexity of childbirth. I'm a mom to two angel babies. I've had a traumatic delivery and a beautifully transcending one. I know what it's like to hold debilitating fear in my body during pregnancy, but also what fearlessness, empowerment, and listening to my body's wisdom feels like.   

My work is to help to ensure that no woman or birthing person feels alone, fearful, or unsupported on their pregnancy journey. Through coaching, doula support, and body-based healing therapy, I provide the tools for an empowered and empowering birth.  

The Coaching for Birth Warriors Program 


Coaching for Birth Warriors provides coaching, emotional healing, emotional support, education, and self-advocacy tools for a healthy conception and pregnancy.


You've experienced challenges on your pregnancy journey, such as infertility, pregnancy loss or infant loss, and now have fears or anxiety around your next pregnancy.  


  • Coaching for Birth Warriors provides 6-9 months of coaching and support in optimizing your body, mind and spirit for your pregnancy journey.

  • This includes gently guiding you through healing from a previous loss or disappointing birth experience.  

  • You'll be guided in optimizing the elements most essential for a healthy pregnancy journey: balancing your physical, mental and emotional health, creating your support circle, and selecting your ideal medical team.

  • The program can be started at any point in the birthing journey from your desire for having a child through delivery.  

Birth Doula Support


As a Birth Doula, I work with starting at any stage during your pregnancy through just after the arrival of your little one. Whether you deliver in a hospital, birthing center, or at home, I am with you and your partner during the entire process, providing comfort measures and emotional support. 


  • I connect you with resources before and after childbirth.

  • I guide you and your partner in preparing for your little one's arrival.

  • I assist you and your partner in creating and carrying out your birth plan / your back-up birth plan. 

  • I work with your medical team to address questions you have and help you to get your needs met

Mothers / Birthing persons supported by a Doula are more satisfied with their birthing experience, require less pain medications during delivery, and are 28% less likely to have a C-section. 

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