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Support After Loss or Infertility

"Healing The Warrior Within" 

Program Overview

"Healing the Warrior Within" provides a month-to-month container for Emotional Healing and Coaching for those who’ve experienced loss or infertility. 


You don’t have to be trying to become pregnant right now.


This program is especially for you if you’re afraid of trying again. It means there are emotions from your loss or infertility diagnosis that still need to be healed. 

Using Emotional Healing and Coaching techniques, I support you in:

  1. Navigating the triggers and fears that arise after loss/infertility

  2. Optimizing your body and increasing your chances of a successful future pregnancy

  3. Not simply being "the old you," but being a stronger, more fearless you in the face of it all!

  4. Reclaiming your joy in the present & Restoring your hope in the future

This is For You If:

  • You feel as though you lost a part of yourself after losing your baby or receiving an infertility diagnosis

  • You feel isolated in your experience. Even though the people around you are caring, they don’t really understand what you’re going through

  • You don’t know what the path ahead looks like for your healing or preparing for your next pregnancy and want support in creating one


  • You’ve been experiencing physical discomfort such as pain, tightness, or tension and you sense that it’s linked to emotions you haven’t resolved yet

  • You sense that your infertility diagnosis might be linked to past trauma or unhealed emotions


  • You’ve tried modalities such as Talk Therapy, but don’t feel like you've made much progress 


  • You don’t believe in “one size fits all” and want to experience a healing modality that’s natural, holistic and actually reflects who you are as a person

Image by Taylor Deas-Melesh

Program Elements

  • A month-to-month container for Emotional Healing & Coaching support

  • Sessions every 2 weeks via Zoom or phone; 1hr each

  • Having a safe and judgement-free space to share what’s been on your heart

  • Introduction to different healing modalities that reflect your "Birth Warrior Blueprint"—ie. your body’s unique path to healing

  • Access to your "Birth Warrior Treasure Chest"—your personalized resource center with curated tools and practices at your fingertips outside of sessions

Our Path Together:

1. Your Emotional Healing

  • Emotional Healing addresses the painful emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, etc that have been left unresolved. 

  • If these are unresolved, they are stored in your body, which leads to triggers, biochemical imbalance, and mental, emotional, or physical blockages to a healthy conception and pregnancy. 

  • Our work together will help you to gently release the painful emotions that have taken up room in your body, so that you can extract their wisdom and confidently prepare for your next steps on your journey.

2. Your Birth Warrior 


  • During our work together, your body will reveal where you hold your emotional pain or trauma and what practices will support its healing. 

  • This discovery leads us to your Birth Warrior Blueprint. Think of this as your body's unique path to healing based on your personality and what naturally brings you back to balance.

  • Your Birth Warrior Blueprint becomes a resource that will serve you in navigating any challenge that might arise long after our time together!


3. Your Birth Warrior 

Treasure Chest

  • Your Birth Warrior Treasure Chest is your personalized resource center with tools, practices, and insights that arise out of each session. 

  • It means that outside of our sessions, you’ll always have access to the tools we uncover together.

  • After our sessions, I’ll add “At-Home Care” practices to your Birth Warrior Treasure Chest, which will support you in deepening your healing in between sessions.

  • Any strategies we develop to prepare you for the life/pregnancy you desire to create will be outlined in your Birth Warrior Treasure Chest as well

Want to Learn More? 

Schedule a complimentary 20 min call to chat through any questions you have

and learn if this is the right form of support for the next steps in your journey.

If it isn't, I'll support you in finding the best next steps for you. In either case, you'll gain value from our time together. 

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