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Emotional Release Sessions

Release stress, fear, anxiety, grief, and other

difficult emotions being stored in the body. 


We store the emotions of unresolved experiences in our bodies. The body stores them as a form of safe-keeping until we have enough support and tools to resolve and release them

Without resolving these experiences, it means we're at risk of being impacted by them again, which feels unsafe for the body...hence, its inability to release them.


However, when you have the right tools and support to resolve and release those experiences, you're able to gain the wisdom and clarity that lead to more growth, resilience, and the ability to identify and navigate similar experiences in the future



Emotional Release sessions help you to identify where emotions are being stored in the body and to release them using gentle techniques that are a part of your body's blueprint. ​

Sessions are in-person or online and are an hour long. They go at your own pace and generally feel like a relaxing, meditative experience. The results have been profound.



  • Releasing fears and anxiety 

  • Releasing grief

  • Healing after loss

  • Creating a more loving connection with the body

  • Increasing forgiveness and self-forgiveness

  • Bringing healing to relationships

  • Finding emotional balance while trying to conceive

  • Finding emotional balance during pregnancy

  • Creating a sense of inner peace

  • Increasing self-confidence

  • Increasing clarity and creativity 

  • And more...  

Learn More - Emotional Release

"Working with Natalee has been a truly transformative experience.


I have done talk therapy for the majority of the last 13 years and i still wasnt getting what i truly need from it. Meanwhile, one session with Natalee felt like 8 months worth of talk therapy.


During the sessions Natalee is both anchor and guide as you travel into your body. She teaches you how to access the wisdom of your body and communicate compassionately and non-judgmentally with yourself.


Natalee has a knowing, caring and affirming energy that offers the safety and permission that I've needed to be present with the trauma in my body.


I leave the sessions feeling more whole, wise and capable of transmutting my trauma into healing and growth than ever before.


I am so grateful to Natalee and relieved to have finally found the kind of support that i've needed most."

Anonymous, Emotional Release Client

Interested in Exploring Emotional Release Sessions?


Schedule a complimentary 15-20 min call if you have questions before booking your Emotional Release Session. Schedule Here

You can also email me with questions at


If you're ready to book your Emotional Release session, schedule it here. Schedule Here


Pricing for each session is on a sliding scale of $75 - $150. Donation-based sessions are available if you're experiencing financial distress. 

You'll receive a link to make your payment or donation prior to the session.

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