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About Me

Hello! I'm Natalee Facey. It's lovely to connect!


I'm a Resilience Coach and Emotional Healing Guide. It means I'm really good at helping you move through life's toughest experiences—the ones in which you feel alone, even when others who love you are close by. 


As a Resilience Coach, I don't teach you to toughen up against life. That leads to  shut-down and emotional disconnection.


Instead, I help to create a supportive container so that you can receive the lessons and gifts from the stories and emotions being held in your body.


Our sessions involve:

  1. Connecting with an aspect of your story that's ready to be released

  2. Using healing modalities that are a part of your body's blueprint (ie. they're effective!)

  3. Building your inner toolkit so that you become more and more skilled at navigating triggers, memories, and difficult experiences when they arise

  4. Learning how your body communicates with you and tapping into its wisdom as a teacher, ally, and guide

  5. And arriving at a greater state of peace in your body and being 

I love what I do. I get to see your beauty, your brilliance, your perfection, your  power...

And I get to hold that knowing until you see and feel it, too. 
Trainings & Lived Experience:
Trainings & Lived Experience:
  • Life Coaching in the "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" teachings of Louise Hay 

  • Workshop Facilitation in the "Love Yourself, Heal Your Life" teachings of Louise Hay

  • Birth Doula Support

  • Energy Medicine in the Ra Sekhi Kemetic System

  • Embodiment Healing using breath, movement, voice, visualization, touch, and other body-based modalities

  • Lived Experience:

    • 16+ years of studying, practicing, and creating personal/spiritual growth techniques 

    • Life and Healing after Pregnancy Loss & Infant Loss

  • Additional Experience:

    • Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Group Facilitator
    • Healing Circle Facilitator

    • Honored by the Borough of Brooklyn, NY for work supporting families after loss

    • Life-long student of nature and the healing guidance she shares

    • Ancestral wisdom deep in my bones!


My Style:
  • Warm, Compassionate, Caring

  • Loving space-holder

  • Intuitive listener

  • Got-your-back Confidante and Cheerleader

  • Strategic Resource-builder and Resource-connector

  • Way show-er, guiding you back to your innate wisdom and power

Our Sacred Rebellion:

Each of us has a purpose or calling on this planet. Mine involves being a guide and space-holder as you move through your healing journey.


I've been drawn to working with those who've experienced loss, and especially womb-related loss such as fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, infant loss, and related health conditions. 

What speaks to me most is that unhealed emotions (or trauma) can create blockages for the experiences you want to have in your life: pregnancy and parenthood, loving relationships, fulfilling work, and your purpose on the planet.

Fertility, pregnancy, or womb-related challenges create the unhealed emotions / trauma that become such a massive block for women/femmes because they go against the very thing society tells us our bodies should be doing: making babies. 

My work has been a sacred rebellion. Certainly not a quiet one (if you've been listening to the podcast!), but sacred.  If getting pregnant is your goal, we do the pregnancy-related Healing. And whatever your goal is, we do the soul-related Reclamation.

  • I guide you through the emotional healing that will support your fertility, pregnancy and childbirth

  • And at the same time, I guide you in reconnecting with the self-love, inner peace, and joy your life is worthy of now (not only after you have a baby)


You get to grow from the painful experiences, create space for the possibilities, and apply the practical tools that support your goals.


And whether or not your desire is to become pregnant, you get to give birth to THE strongest, most free, most authentic version of yourself. 

You get to heal. You get to have support for your pregnancy or your personal Rebirth. And you get to take back the life you came to this planet to have. 

This is our Sacred Rebellion. 

If you'd like me to be your guide on your journey, schedule a free Clarity Call via my calendar to learn more.

With Love,



"Through working with Natalee, I went from being extremely anxious about my pregnancy to feeling calm and collected, tapped into my emotions, and present.


I would recommend anyone to Natalee who is experiencing anxiety and stress and wants to accept the beauty of the experience of child birth and pregnancy.


I love [her] calming presence and warmth."

Katie, Birth Doula Client


"One session with Natalee felt like 8 months worth of talk therapy.


During the sessions Natalee is both anchor and guide as you travel into your body. She teaches you how to access the wisdom of your body and communicate compassionately and non-judgmentally with yourself.

Anonymous, Emotional Release Client

Contact Me

If you’d like to learn more about how I can support you on your healing or pregnancy journey, please reach out to me via the form below or at

    Thanks for your message! We'll be following up with you shortly!

    Schedule a Call

    You can also schedule a complimentary 15-20 min call with me here
    1. During the call, you'll be able to share what your challenges have been.
    2. I'll share more about the work I do and if it might be a good fit for you.
    3. If it's not a fit for you, I'll point you to other helpful resources.
    My objective is always to ensure you're on the right track—whether that involves working with me or not.
    You have nothing to lose, and potentially so much clarity and support to gain.  
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