Natalee Facey

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I'm a Resilience Coach, Birth Doula, and Somatic (body awareness) Healing Practitioner. I specialize in helping people to release the things that are too heavy for them to carry, such as painful emotions and trauma, so that they can move from survival mode to confidence and wholeness. 


In addition to helping clients heal from trauma and emotional pain, I help them to prevent trauma in my role as a Birth Doula. I educate my clients at all stages of the pregnancy journey on the wisdom they hold in their bodies, and support them in finding their power from their experiences.


My super-power is guiding people through some of the toughest times in their lives. Since becoming a coach in 2015, I've helped hundreds of clients to improve their career, relationships, self-confidence, and self-care.

What Led Me to Birthwork:

What led me to birthwork was my own pregnancy challenges. What I expected would be a perfect first pregnancy ended in a loss at 17+ weeks. In my second pregnancy, my son was born prematurely, then made his transition after spending 6 weeks in the NICU.  


This sent me on a journey to understanding what leads to complications on the pregnancy journey, such as loss, infertility, and reproductive-related conditions like fibroids and PCOS. 


This exploration led me to Somatic Healing, an evidence-based, holistic modality that centers the connection between the mind, emotions, and the body. Trauma, unhealed emotions, and painful memories affect the hormones and neurochemicals released in the body, which may lead to infertility, pregnancy complications, preterm birth, and other imbalances in the reproductive system. 


After seeing incredible results in the rebalancing of my body, mind, and emotions using Somatic Healing, I decided to become trained in the practice so I could support other Birth Warriors to heal after loss, trauma, or infertility, and to prepare their bodies for pregnancy. 


The Clients I Work With:

I work with clients along all stages of the Birth Continuum:

  • Pre-Conception:

    • Support in bringing balance to your body after diagnoses such as endometriosis and PCOS

    • Support in healing any stress, painful emotions, or trauma that may be contributing to infertility

  • During Pregnancy & Childbirth

    • Education on how your body works to support you and your baby during pregnancy and childbirth

    • Practices to reduce the risk of complications during pregnancy

    • Preparation for childbirth and Birth Doula support all throughout childbirth

  • After Pregnancy or Infant Loss

    • Support in healing the trauma and painful emotions stored in the body after a loss

    • Support in navigating life after loss

    • Support in preparing for your next pregnancy



Healing from Trauma & Emotional Hurt:


  • I also work with clients who are not trying to conceive, but have gone through traumatic experiences that still rob them from feeling happy and whole. 


"Through working with Natalee, I went from being extremely anxious about my pregnancy to feeling calm and collected, tapped into my emotions, and present.


I would recommend anyone to Natalee who is experiencing anxiety and stress and wants to accept the beauty of the experience of child birth and pregnancy.


I love [her] calming presence and warmth."

Katie, Birth Doula Client

"The awareness I am bringing home with me is a greater sense of mind-body-spirit connection, feeling more present in my body, and more attuned to what it is trying to tell me." 

C.D., Somatic Healing Client

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