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I'm a Licensed Transformation Coach in the Love Yourself Heal Your Lifeⓒ philosophy of Louise Hay, a DONA International-trained Birth Doula, and Empowerment Speaker. I am also trained in diverse modalities of healing from pain and trauma, including Somatic Therapy. 

I help people to heal themselves and their relationships, release stress and trauma from their bodies, connect with their inner wisdom, feel empowered in their pregnancy, find fulfilling careers, and live authentic, liberated lives. 

This is what led me here:

"The Agreement"

I imagine that before I came here, I said to God, the Creator, Source, Divine...whatever name we use for that all-knowing and all-loving Force...I said, “This is what I'm thinking of doing in this next life: I want to teach people all over the world how to love themselves unconditionally. I want to share tools with them that will help them live a beautiful life. I want to help them heal the painful experiences they’ve had and transform that pain into strength, forgiveness, and power.”


I imagine that the Divine said, “Yass! Yass! Yass! I love it! And before you can teach, you must first learn.” I imagine that I grinned and said, “Deal!” And that God and I did a Jamaican style fist bump before I skipped merrily along waiting to be born in this wild and beautiful life of mine.


Doing this healing work is in my blueprint. The platforms I use to express my purpose include coaching, writing, facilitating workshops, being a doula, and speaking to large groups.


I teach what I have had to learn for myself, including:

  • loving myself and my body unconditionally

  • finding forgiveness, self-compassion, and empowerment after trauma

  • intentionally creating the love, abundance, career, and other opportunities I want to experience

  • and being authentic in how I express myself in the world


I use tools that have worked for me, along with thousands of people all over the world. Beyond the trainings and studying I’ve done over the past 14 years, teaching and coaching are natural to me. After all, they are among the gifts I chose before coming here. I create a safe space for you to be seen and heard. I guide you in finding the answers that are buried within you using techniques that are easy to incorporate in your daily life.


I love helping you to release what’s weighing you down and holding you back so they can step into the magnificent life you deserve. I believe that when you are connected to the truth of who you are, you free yourself, and then become sparks of light for others to be inspired to their freedom as well.

Contact Me

If you’re feeling ready to step into the life you've been envisioning, drop me a line below or send me an email at natalee.facey@gmail.com.

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