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Notes from Natalee

The Most Powerful Healing Happens in Community

Being in community is where I’ve experienced some of my deepest healing.

This healing came from realizing that I wasn’t alone, from being witnessed by others who’ve been on a similar journey, and receiving their love...

✨ love from being held by the kindness in their eyes

✨ love from their encouraging words

✨ love from seeing their genuine empathy and care for the things that pained me

✨ and love from having them celebrate my wins with me

At the bare minimum, being in community meant that I was receiving affirmation that I wasn’t unusual or crazy for having the thoughts and emotions I was having.

To a more expanded degree, I felt seen and heard.

Expanding even further, there was a space or circle (online, in-person, and vibrational) where a group of humans surrounded me with their love and warmth. And I was doing the same for them.

I had less fear around failure or heartbreak knowing that I was being held in the security and stability of that space.

And my favorite discovery of all, was knowing that there was a space where I belonged. When I worried that my partner, or friends, or family members didn’t get me, my community was the place where I felt understood.


And from hosting group containers myself, I saw that the healing experience for participants seemed to be more expansive than what happened in a 1:1 container.

✨ The witnessing

✨ The empathy

✨ The love from an entire group of people

✨ The shared reality

✨ And the shared learning…

It all helped to provide a kind of rebalancing that’s different than what happens when we’re moving through our healing alone.

This is what led to the rekindling of the community I initially hosted on Facebook. That, along with recurring prompting from the Universe that being held in community is necessary for our healing.

What began as “The Birth Warrior Community” has now evolved to “The Rebirth Community.” Being the warrior is certainly still a part of the journey. From my experience, after going through a painful loss, there is a form of death or surrender that occurs within us. Then there's fighting to reclaim our lives again. The Rebirth is what emerges next. It isn't directed or controlled. It's a space held in love and allowing for what wants to be birthed to be birthed.


The Rebirth space is what I’ve been embodying this past year. It's been rich, powerful, and sometimes hard.

And this is also the space that I’m wanting to support women and femme-identifying people in. What wants to emerge as a result of what you’ve lost? What wants to now be birthed?

Pregnancy / womb-related loss is one on the many forms of losses we go through. The Rebirth Community is a space to honor the other experiences of loss in the cycle of being a woman or living in a femme-identifying body.

✨ We lose relationships that were dear to us

✨ We lose a sense of trust and safety in the world

✨ We lose hope for the future

✨ We lose a loving and kind relationship with our bodies

✨ We lose confidence in ourselves and our capabilities

✨ We lose strong connections with friends or family members

✨ We lose a sense of meaning or purpose in our lives…

We lose so, so much.

My invitation is for us to come back together. Let’s come back to our chosen community and honor what we lose as we journey through this life. Let’s alchemize our loss into love.

Let’s practice the tools that will lead to deeper and deeper levels of healing.

Let’s embody our innate goodness, and worth, and power. And let’s do it together.

The new home of The Rebirth Community opens up this January 2023. I’m so, so thrilled for you to join me.

Learn More / Sign Up Here:

With Love,




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