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Support During Pregnancy


Program Overview




"Homecoming" provides a caring and supportive month-to-month container through your pregnancy and into your postpartum transition.


The name of this program is intentional. It's affirming the reality we're working towards: You bringing your baby home. 

You receive support to continue your Inner/Emotional Healing, navigate triggers, and to prepare for an empowering childbirth experience. 

This is For You If:

  • You're constantly afraid that something will go wrong in this pregnancy leading to fears around fully embracing the experience or even connecting with your baby 

  • You're worried about how your ongoing state of anxiety might affect your baby


  • You're feeling guilt around not being able to connect with your baby or not feeling as excited as others think you should be

  • You're triggered by doctors, examinations, or hospitals and want tools to work through them or advocate for yourself

  • You're now afraid of the childbirth process and want support to prepare for giving birth with ease


  • You simply want to be able to enjoy your pregnancy without worry and fear

Working With Me Means:

  1. Having sessions every 2 weeks to continue your Inner Healing so you can release anxiety and enjoy your pregnancy

  2. Reduce your risk of stress-related pregnancy complications such as preterm birth, preeclampsia or your baby being born with a low birth-weight

  3. Always having someone to reach out to on tough days in between sessions

  4. Having support before or after triggering appointments 

  5. Learning to tune into the needs of your body and begin connecting with your baby 

Program Elements

  • A month-to-month container of Inner Healing, Emotional Support, & Coaching Support during your pregnancy through postpartum

  • Sessions every 2 weeks via Zoom or phone; 1hr each

  • Having a safe and judgement-free space to share what’s been on your heart

  • A month-to-month "Care Plan" reflecting the needs/areas of focus for your pregnancy 

  • A digital resource center hosting the tools we explore in our sessions so you'll always have access to them; These include recorded meditation and visualizations

  • Option for your partner/support person to join childbirth prep sessions

Katie's Experience:
Emotional Healing & Coaching Support in Her Pregnancy After Infertility
Would You Like Support in Your Pregnancy? 

Schedule a complimentary 20 min call to chat through any questions you have

and learn if this is the right form of support for the next steps in your journey.

If it isn't, I'll support you in finding the best next steps for you. In either case, you'll gain value from our time together. 

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