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Receive Support in Your Healing & Pregnancy 
After Loss or Infertility

Welcome, Birth Warrior!

You are not here by accident. Something you've been asking for has led you here. 

If you've been having a challenges on your pregnancy journey—whether that involves loss, infertility, or a traumatic prior pregnancy—then I'm here to support you.

You are a Birth Warrior because of the strength you have to still be standing. Your past experiences will not leave you broken.

My name is Natalee Facey. I'm a Resilience Coach, Birth Doula, Emotional Healing practitioner and Angel Mama.


I gently support Birth Warriors like you to heal after loss or infertility, optimize their bodies for fertility, and thrive in their next pregnancy.  


What's At Risk Without Your Emotional Healing & Support 



A study done in 2018 testing samples of hair and saliva found that participants with the highest levels of stress were 2x as likely to experience infertility.

Pregnancy Complications


Stress during pregnancy increases the chances of complications such as preeclampsia and compromised immune function, which can lead to infection. 

Pregnancy Outcomes


Stress and anxiety during pregnancy increase the chances of low birth-weight or premature birth, a leading cause of infant mortality. 

Childbirth Complications


A study predicted with 95% accuracy those who would have challenges during childbirth. Markers included unresolved fears and limiting beliefs about birth.


How I Can Help:

Private 1:1 Sessions

  • 1:1 sessions to help you gently heal after loss, infertility, or traumatic experience.

  • Receive support  as you prepare for your next pregnancy and learn to reduce your risk of pregnancy complications.

  • Prepare for childbirth and learn to advocate for your needs.


Ongoing Support During Pregnancy

  • 3-9 months of Inner Healing, Emotional Support, and Coaching throughout your entire pregnancy and into your postpartum transition.

  • Reduce your risk of  stress-induced pregnancy complications such as preterm birth. 


Group Program

  • A live 4-month course with other Birth Warriors to go even deeper in your healing and step into the power your life is calling forth from you. 

  • Learn the tools to prepare for whatever the next step on your journey is.

  • Launching in Nov 2021. There are limited spots available. Please take action if you'd like to learn more.

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"Natalee outlined the entire labor process in an easy to follow format that made me feel ready physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Being pregnant and having our first child during a pandemic created so much uncertainty and stress for us. Working with Natalee helped us find joy and confidence in this experience.
We're so grateful to have worked with her."
- Nicole, Virtual Birth Doula Support