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Support for the Not-So-Easy Pregnancy Journey

Welcome, Birth Warrior!

You are not here by accident. Something you've been asking for has led you here. 

If you've been having a challenging pregnancy journey—whether that involves loss, infertility, or high risk pregnancy complications—then I've dedicated my work to you. Yes, you, love!


And that's because I know the uncertainty and debilitating fear involved in the "not-so-easy" pregnancy journey. My first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 17+ weeks, and my second led to the premature birth of my son at 23+ weeks, who later made his transition after 6 weeks in the NICU. 


My little ones sent me on a journey to understanding how our physical, emotional, and mental states inhibit or  support a healthy pregnancy. This is the groundbreaking work I teach to my clients. 

When You Work With Me, I Will Guide You To:

  • Heal the emotional and mental imbalances that may be contributing to infertility or loss

  • Develop the confidence and resilience you need for your next pregnancy journey

  • Learn techniques to reduce your risk of pregnancy complications

  • Step into the bold, loving parent you are meant to be


4-9 months of coaching and emotional healing to support you to thrive in your pregnancy after loss or infertility

Coaching for Birth Warriors


1:1 sessions to gently guide you in your healing after loss, infertility, or other painful experience

Emotional Healing


45 min sessions guiding you through relaxation and mindfulness techniques for Fertility, Pregnancy, & Childbirth

Mind, Body, Baby Sessions



“Natalee has a genuine care and love for her clients. I could really feel that.
I felt so comfortable sharing anything with her knowing I wouldn’t be judged. Natalee helped me move beyond barriers that had been blocking me for a long time. Such a wise, beautiful soul — I can’t describe the support she provides. A phenomenal coach I would recommend to everyone!
I feel so good now. Ready to move confidently in the direction of my dreams. Thank you! You are amazing Natalee!”


—  Elyse, Australia

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