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Pregnancy, Birth,& Rebirth
After Loss 

No matter what you've gone through, 

your Healing and Rebirth are possible.

You've been hurt by loss, beloved?
You're in the 
right place.

Loss changes you. It's the pain your body still remembers. 


Whether it's related to a pregnancy or fertility,

it's the wish you still have for the past to be different. 


I'll let you in on a secret...

Loss can also become the pathway to healing your physical body,

your emotions, your thoughts, and your spirit. 


My name is Natalee Facey and I'm a Resilience Coach, Emotional Healing Guide, Birth Doula, and Angel Mama.



I guide women/femmes like you who've experienced 

womb-related loss through the Inner Healing

that supports fertility, pregnancy, childbirth,

and your personal Rebirth!



I walk with you through the pain, laugh with you in the joy, strategize with you in the challenges, and celebrate with you in your success.



Loss isn't the end. It's the start of your Rebirth.   



With Love, 



Client Experience:
Support through IVF, Pregnancy After Loss & Her Inner Healing

What's At Risk Without Receiving Support for Your Inner Healing? 



A study done in 2018 testing samples of hair and saliva found that participants with the highest levels of stress were 2x as likely to experience infertility.

Pregnancy Complications


Stress and anxiety during pregnancy increase the chances of complications such as preeclampsia and compromised immune function, which can lead to infection. 

Pregnancy Outcomes


Stress and anxiety during pregnancy increase the chances of low birth-weight or premature birth, a leading cause of infant mortality. 

Childbirth Complications


A study predicted with 95% accuracy those who would have challenges during childbirth. Markers included unresolved fears and limiting beliefs about birth.


How I Can Help:

Somatic Healing.jpg

Emotional Release Sessions

  • Release stress, fear, anxiety, grief, and other difficult emotions being stored in the body.

  • Sessions support any challenge, including healing after loss, as well and finding emotional balance during pre-conception and pregnancy


Ongoing Support During Pregnancy

  • Emotional Release Support, Coaching, and Advocacy tools during your pregnancy and into your postpartum transition.

  • Reduce your risk of  stress/anxiety-related pregnancy complications such as preterm birth. 

Rebirth Cover 2.png

The Rebirth Group Healing Course & Community

  • Rebirth is a global community of women and femme-identifying folks Alchemizing experiences of Loss into Love

  • Join month-to-month, for 6 months or for a year and receive the tools, support, and group container for your Rebirth.

I am a 40 year old mother-to-be and I am

Birth Doula Support

  • As a Birth Doula, I become a part of your birthing team, supporting you and your partner (or birthing partner) in having a safe and satisfying birthing experience

  • Receive additional support and releasing fears and unresolved emotions, creating room for an empowered and empowering birth.

Image by Autumn Goodman
"I became aware that my body felt really heavy at the beginning of the session. My breath felt heavy and my chest was tight. 
After the session, I felt like I had more room to breathe. I was lighter and my mood was uplifted. " 
- K.P., Emotional Release, NYC



Optimize Your Healing with the
Preparing for Pregnancy After Loss Podcast

Ep 33: Why People Don't HealNatalee Facey
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