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Notes from Natalee

Why Therapy Isn't Enough

So many Birth Warriors I’ve connected with shared that they’ve done traditional Talk Therapy, but have seen disappointing results. While Talk Therapy is important in allowing you to give voice to your experience and come to insights, the reason it misses the mark in more profound healing, is that it does not incorporate the body.

Dr. Stephen Porges' studies on The Polyvagal Theory has revolutionized the scientific world’s understanding of how people heal from traumatic or painful experiences. When a traumatic or painful experience occurs, it occurs in the body and leaves an imprint. In order for you to be healed, the body must be incorporated—not simply your mind.

What's Missing in Traditional Therapy?

Talk Therapy engages the mind, with the therapist paying attention to what perceptions you have about your experience so that they can guide you to new perceptions they think will support your healing. But while the experience of your loss of infertility occurred (or is occurring) in your body, your mind is the observer. And so, your mind is operating with much less information than your body—yet, the mind gets to be the spokesperson. In some cases, the information from the mind might be distorted as it attempts to rationalize or categorize what you’re going through.

And in not speaking with the body, Talk Therapy sessions miss out on the expansive language your body has access to to describe your experiences.

When you connect with the body, you'll find that it communicates in absolutely brilliant and creative ways, utilizing:

  • imagery

  • physical sensations (such as tightness, warmth, tingling)

  • energetic states (such as openness, lightness, flow)

  • your emotions

  • colors and shapes

  • sound

  • memories

  • and of course, words and thoughts

Somatic Therapy Incorporates the Body

Somatic Therapy, which is therapy that incorporates the body, has been the single most impactful tool I’ve used in the healing process after my loss. It’s also been my greatest tool in healing emotional wounds as far back as my childhood. (Remember, all of our experiences create an imprint in the body.) Despite the profound healing it provides, the sessions are gentle because the body shares what it’s ready to process. On the other hand, if the body is never engaged, then the imprint it’s holding doesn’t heal. Somatic Therapy brings the body into the conversation. This is truly life-changing work.

This is also what led to me being trained in this modality, so that I could support others in their own healing on their pregnancy journey. Through connecting with the body, you’re able to heal the trauma and emotional wounds left after loss and infertility. In doing so, you build resilience for your future pregnancy. And equally important, you’re able to better understand and heal the imbalances that contributed to the loss or infertility to begin with.

So how exactly does a Somatic Therapy session work?

  • Sessions can be virtual or in-person. For virtual sessions, we'd connect over a video or phone call.

  • You’d sit or lie comfortably while I guide you in softening your breath and simply becoming aware of your body.

  • As the mind becomes quieter, you may begin to notice sensations in your body: some areas might be relaxed, tight, or heavy, etc.

  • You may also begin to notice images, colors, emotions, or any of the different ways the body communicates.

  • As I continue to guide you through this process of awareness, we start to “dialogue” with the body, where we might begin to understand the importance of an image that had appeared before. Or we may learn more about what’s happening in your life that’s connected to the tightness in your chest, for example.

  • The body is able to share both the wisdom of what imbalances it’s been holding and what it needs to heal them.

  • For past painful experiences, such as a loss or infertility, we get to revisit aspects of the experience that might come up and bring healing to them.

  • During the process, I ensure that you feel safe and supported, as this is a prerequisite for your healing.

Somatic Therapy not only helps you to bring back balance to your body to support your fertility and pregnancy, but it also helps you to feel healed and whole again. And that’s the empowered version of you that shows up in your relationship with your partner, as a parent, at work, in your community.

As I mentioned earlier, this is life-changing work.

To learn more about how Somatic Therapy might support your pregnancy journey or to experience a session, book a complimentary consultation call with me.

With love always,




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