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Notes from Natalee

Fear of the Limelight

For as long as I have known myself, I have struggled with wanting to play small. I am somehow always put into positions that don’t allow me to (Joke’s on me!). And eventually I learn that I am worthy enough to be in the limelight. I have what it takes to lead and I do deserve to be seen. But accepting this often comes with much resistance.

There are many factors that influence this behavior (including my upbringing). But I’ve gotten to the point where wanting to play small is in direct conflict with the work I want to create in the world. They simply haven’t been getting along!

And so I took this fear of shining and outshining others into meditation.  This is what was revealed to me…

You, your talent, your offering to the world…see this as a beam of light in a completely dark room. It brightens the room so you can begin to see the beauty within in it. But suddenly, you sense that the attention is on you, the shining beam that you are. So you dim your light, and eventually, you put it out altogether. The room is dark again.

But what if instead of hiding your light, you cause someone else to begin to shine their own. Someone is inspired by the beauty of your glow and says, “I love that! That makes me feel good. I think I want to create more of that.” And so they do. And now their spark of light ignites something in another — passion, creativity, ingenuity…something that then uplifts and inspires another. Tiny beams of light start popping up and pulsating all over!

The entire space is illuminated. And it is then that you realize that there was no room. There were no boundaries. You were all free.

The entire world is lighting up because you’ve shown someone else what it is to shine. My little bright spark, you didn’t outshine. You shone the way for others, so they may find their own LIGHT.

Do not deny us of that gift.

May you be blessed by these words. May you always know that you, your gifts, your offerings to the world will bring us to higher and higher levels and help us to discover our own light.

With so much love,



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