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Notes from Natalee

The Queen of Scarfs

A co-worker of mine once told me that I could do magical things with a scarf.

“How did you get it to look like that?” she marveled.

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about. I always wore a scarf because I couldn’t bear how cold the office was. But then she went on to explain that every scarf she’s ever seen me wear was wrapped beautifully around me. I accepted her compliment and began to claim it for myself.

I soon noticed that even when I just threw a scarf around me with zero intention behind how it needed to look, it would drape my body gracefully or cascade down one shoulder for a regal finish.

Scarfs loved me! Just as I claimed being the “Queen of Scarfs,” I became more intentional in claiming other things in my life. The one danger I wanted to avoid was to wait for someone else’s observation or compliment before I could acknowledge my skills, my talents, what was good and pleasing in my life…And the power of that practice lies in the ability to be one’s own source of light and inspiration, rather than be affected by the inconsistent emotions and behavior of those around.

And so…

I claim beauty. I claim wisdom. I claim grace. I claim humor. I claim compassion. I claim talent and creativity.

I affirm and know that I am all of these qualities. I affirm and know that I express them effortlessly.

Highlighting your positive attributes fills you up. It imbues you with confidence so you walk out into the world having greater belief in your abilities and your power.

And so, what do YOU claim today? Who do you affirm that YOU ARE? Do not wait for someone else’s permission.

With love, The Queen of Scarfs



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