Somatic Healing


"Somatic" comes from the greek word, “soma,” which means “body.” Somatic Healing centers the relationship between the body and the mind to release stress, physical discomfort, painful emotions, and trauma.


Every experience that we’ve ever had occurred in the body. The body holds a memory and imprint of these experiences. Experiences that are traumatic and painful, even the ones suppressed by our subconscious mind, are still held in the body. Somatic Healing allows you to access the imprint, the memory, the record of hurt, pain, trauma...that’s been stored in the body so they can be healed. Our healing is most effective when it occurs directly where the wound is—in the body. 


For some people, Somatic Healing is more impactful than traditional Talk Therapy because it bypasses the filtering or misinterpretation of the mind (your mind and your therapist’s) and goes directly to the body where the experience occurred. 


During a Somatic Healing session, we are in communication with the body. Yes, the body does communicate. You're already familiar with the body's way of communicating through physical sensations (tightness, tension, throbbing pain, etc.).   


Other ways in which the body communicates is through imagery, colors, memories, emotions, and words. By connecting with your body in this way, you get to understand your experience on a deeper level and access the wisdom—within your body—that will allow you to heal that experience.


Somatic Healing has been the gentlest, most beautiful, and most profound modality on my healing journey. Through this practice, I’ve developed a well of inner strength, found wisdom I did not know lived within me, and now have the confidence that I am able to overcome anything I experience. 

It’s the power of this practice that led to me becoming trained in it myself. I knew I had to be able to offer it to my clients if I wanted them to experience lasting healing on their journey.

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  • Sessions occur over a video or phone call. I guide you into being in a relaxed state using your breath. I then guide you to become aware of what’s happening in your body.

  • Some people may notice physical sensations, such as tension or heaviness, which is a common way that the body communicates to us, particularly when we’re stressed. The body may begin to communicate more, through thoughts, emotions, memories, imagery, etc. and I’ll guide you into “listening” to the body by simply being aware of what’s showing up in it. The body shares information that it’s open to healing. As we go deeper into the process of listening to the body, I guide you through techniques that will support you in healing, releasing, and alchemizing what shows up. 

  • Most clients find the entire experience extremely relaxing. They experience physical shifts such as their chest expanding and being able to breathe more deeply, blood flowing more freely into their veins, their entire body feeling in unison. Clients have had dialogue with their gut, ovaries, their inner child, a spirit animal, their higher self….

  • Each person has a different experience, but they all walk away feeling a greater connection with their body and knowing that it holds more wisdom than they once accepted.      


Somatic Healing might be right for you if you sense that you’ve been holding on to an unwanted or unresolved experience in your body. This might be a loss, abuse, trauma, or painful emotions such as anger, shame or guilt. 


When we hold on to painful past experiences, they create a build-up of negative energy that may leave us into the survival responses of fight, flight, and freeze. On the emotional level, this makes it difficult for us to move forward with the goals we envision for ourselves because there are internal struggles we must constantly overcome. And on the physical level, hormones and  neurochemicals are released from the brain that bring the body out of balance, negatively impacting essential functions such as digestion, reproduction, and mental processing. 


When we are supported in tuning into the body and listening to what it’s been trying to communicate to us, we get to heal the imprint of pain and trauma, reframe the story of our experience, and bring the body back into balance. Somatic Healing leads to the rebalancing of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, and building resilience to face any challenge in the future. 

Image by Olia Gozha

"My breathing slowed and breath continued to flow to my stomach.


I am now aware that my body was holding on to a lot of stress."

- S.W

Image by Ostap Senyuk

"At the end of the session, I felt much lighter, and there was ease in the flow of my bloodstream.


The awareness I now have is that it is all going to be okay." 

- Sraboni H.

Interested in Exploring Somatic Healing?


Schedule a complimentary 15-20 min call.


During our call you'll be able to share the challenges you've been having and what areas you'd like healing in. 


I'll share more about Somatic Healing and how it might work for you. If it's not a fit for you, I'll share other resources or modalities that might be better.  

Whether or not this means working with me, I want you to get the support you need. You have nothing to lose, and potentially so much to gain from just a 15-20 min conversation. You do not deserve to still be suffering.