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Meditation & Relaxation

30 Min Guided Meditation & Relaxation Session 

These 1:1 sessions to support you in reducing stress, anxiety, or tension from your body while your on your fertility or pregnancy journey.


The sessions support you in creating the right internal environment for a healthy fertility and pregnancy. It can also prepares you emotionally and mentally for giving birth to your beautiful baby.  

See below on the areas of focus during sessions for Fertility and Pregnancy. 

For Fertility:

  • 30 min virtual sessions; 1:1 and individualized

  • Increase your chances of a successful conception by eliminating stress-related hormones and tension from your body

  • Use relaxation techniques to regulate the functioning of your nervous system and body

  • Learn to harness your emotions to support your fertility

  • Learn to tune into and respond to the needs of your body

  • Develop a more loving relationship with your body

During Pregnancy:

  • 30 min virtual sessions; 1:1 and individualized

  • Cultivate inner calm to help you and your baby thrive

  • Reduce your risk of pregnancy complications by eliminating stress and tension from your body

  • Learn to listen to your body: respond to its needs and quickly spot imbalances before they pose a problem

  • Set the groundwork for being a great parent by learning to connect with your baby even before their birth

  • Reduce fears or anxiety related to giving birth

  • Practice visualization techniques to prepare you for an empowered birthing experience

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