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Why I Teach Yoga

Updated: May 20, 2018

Guest Post by Heilyn Paulino:

It’s always been true for me that for something to feel real, whether it be a memory, a song, or a piece of knowledge, I have to share it. So much that the things I keep to myself start to seem suspect after a while, like maybe I only dreamed or invented them.

To teach yoga, then, which is to share what I love, is to keep the practice real for me. Every explanation or cue that I give a student is a little light that shines on my own practice, and through teaching, the truth and beauty and power of yoga become that much more evident and brighter.

I grow closer to it. In that sense, teaching is not only the sharing of an existing practice, but a shared process of discovery. My best classes are the ones that surprise me with their own, completely new thoughts and experiences, little treasures that wouldn’t have come to me had I not been pressed with the need to give them to others.


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