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2023: Opening the Way to Blessings & Abundance

"My wish for you is to enjoy the gifts of this loving, abundant Universe. "

~Natalee Facey  


Open the Way to your Blessings & Abundance for the coming year. In this private 1:1 session, I'll guide you in connecting with your conscious desires for the new year, your soul's desire for your life path, honoring the the gratitude and grief from 2022, and releasing any blockages to open the way for the beauty, blessings, and abundance waiting for you in 2023. 


  1. Closure: Close 2022 by honoring the Gratitude & Grief

  2. Naming: Name the blessings and abundance you’d consciously like to call in for 2023

  3. Reconnecting: Connect with your soul’s desire for your life in the New Year

  4. Releasing: Release stuck energy that may inhibit the flow of your desires, blessings, and abundance 

  5. Opening the Way: Open the way for those desires, blessings, and abundance to flow through

  6. Receiving Guidance: Connect with your Inner Guidance, the Universe, God, the Divine Creator ...the Source & Force that holds us for clarity on your next steps aligned with your life’s vision 



  • Two 1:1 sessions customized to your journey and vision for your life

  • Recorded meditations, visualizations, & affirmations from the session to reconnect with its powerful energy throughout the New Year 

  • Healing & Visioning Practices that align with your unique rhythm and what already gives you joy

  • Inner Clarity and Confidence for the year ahead

  • And more...

Learn More - Emotional Release

"To say thank you doesn't seem like enough... so I'll just ask for you to be blessed BOUNTIFULLY for the ways you have blessed me. 

The way you held space for me and mothered me... wow. You are a gift. A treasure. Your mothering energy is so strong and so exactly what I needed. 

I got home and slept peacefully for the first time in weeks. I slept 5 hours. Also yesterday, my teaching license was rightfully reinstated (out of nowhere). I also got a message from a potential employer explaining that they made a mistake and the amount I could make is twice what they explained it would be. AND I got my very first TWO students to tutor online every week for the next 6 months!!

Talk about stuck energy being released!!!! The flow back to me was amazing.


I haven't felt that loved, that seen or that cared for in a very long time. It's just what my thirsty heart needed.

Much much love to you, sister!"

Cara, North Carolina

PAYMENT / EXCHANGE: $450 - $200 Sliding Scale

The true value of the offering is $450. The sliding scale options below $450 through $200 allows for those experiencing financial hardship to still be able to access the benefits of this program. 

Choose the price point that resonates with you energetically, that matches your financial experience, or that matches the financial experience you’d like to create.


Please follow the Payment Link below to send your payment / exchange. As a next step, you’ll receive an email confirmation with the link to schedule your first session. 

Blessings to you and I look forward to working with you!


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